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Guiding Principles for Digital Transformation of Investment Systems

Digital transformation within the capital markets is typically a multi-year journey that requires tenacity, commitment, and agility from all stakeholders. At their core, most investment management transformation projects include the implementation of one or more applications that will replace the legacy systems and processes, which may have been used within the organization for years.

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test automation ROI

Why Invest in Test Automation?

In today’s investment management landscape, frequent updates, enhancements, product lifecycle changes, regulatory requirements and other initiatives all require asset managers to perform regular software testing.

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The benefits of using an independent consultancy

Let’s face it – consultant companies are not cheap.  Compared to BAU and contractual resources, hiring a consulting firm usually comes at a premium.  Staffing your digital transformation project with the right resources is usually one of the most critical elements when determining the success of a project.   

Here are the top reasons why working with an independent, vendor agnostic consultancy will make your project better and save your organization time and money.

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How can SCD improve Operations Support for Asset Managers

Asset management is a complex and ever-changing field, and keeping up with the demands of the industry can be a daunting task for even the most experienced operations teams. One way that asset managers can streamline their operations and improve support for their clients is through the use of SimCorp Dimension, a comprehensive investment management platform.

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