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We work with some of the leading Asset Managers to help achieve their digital transformation ambitions.

At FINARCH, we guide organizations through their digital transformation journey. Working collaboratively as implementation partners, FINARCH can help achieve your business vision to enable best fit solutions, streamlined operations and more efficient people and processes.

About us

FINARCH was born with a mission to do consulting better. 

Digital transformation is a daunting task – even for well-run and established organizations.  Often it completely changes the processes, technology and human resources that have been running your business for decades.  It requires a completely different mindset, approach and tenacity to implement successfully.  Digital transformation within the capital markets and alternative investments is often even more challenging due to the legacy nature of most systems and complicated business processes.

At FINARCH, we have helped our clients implement even the boldest of digital transformation projects.  We bring decades of experience and a pragmatic view to help guide our clients on their digital transformation journey.


Client focused

We take a pragmatic, vendor agnostic approach to advising and crafting solutions for your organization.   

We utilize a client-oriented and delivery first mindset.  Instead of aggressive sales tactics, we prefer to grow our business organically through referrals and only take new work when we are confident we can deliver and exceed our clients demanding expectations.



We understand technology is the driving force of all digital transformation projects, and we have integrated that expertise into our core capabilities.  

We combine our technical expertise with our deep specialization in capital markets and alternative investments to deliver best-fit solutions for our clients.



Razor sharp

We have a razor sharp focus on what we do best – which is capital markets and investment management systems implementation, support and selection.  

We specialize in working with the leading software used in the investment management industry.  We move in parallel with the rapid evolution of the capital markets by constantly learning and enhancing our capabilities.

our services

Target Operating Model

At FINARCH, our Target Operating Model (TOM) blueprint is designed to provide a roadmap of the people, processes and technology that make up your organizations digital transformation goals.

Project Planning & Strategy

Our team have decades of experience implementing even the boldest of digital transformation initiatives. We offer planning and strategic advisory services to help our clients utilize industry best practice throughout their journey.


Our team understands that effective Data Management is critical to achieving digital transformation program success.

We are experts with common data management practices, tools and vendors used across the capital markets. We bring a holistic and solution oriented approach to setting up and running data management initiatives for our clients.


At FINARCH, we don't want to re-invent the wheel for every project.

To help accelerate our clients projects, we created a toolset which includes a range of solutions designed to support different phases of large implementation process to maximize the value we bring to our clients.

our Approach

We do consulting differently.

Despite being eager to tell clients how much their industries are evolving and that they need to invest in their services, the reality is most consultancies have operated with the same business model for decades.  They use  a sales first mentality and their business models consists of putting as many bodies as possible on their engagements to maximize revenue.

At FINARCH, we think this approach is dated and have an alternative value proposition to our clients.

See how we stack up against Traditional Consultancies below:


  • Project Oriented Staffing

    Allocate consultants based on team capabilities and best fit for project success.
  • Client Success Focus

    No sales/business development employees. Focus on project execution and building technical capabilities
  • Open Partnership Model

    Empower ALL employees of ALL levels to participate in business development and client success through profit sharing
  • Flat Org Structure

    Org structure catered to client success and project delivery. Encourage remote working and creating best fit global teams.
  • Consultant Oriented

    Equality between Full-time and Contractual staff. Focus on building employee capabilities and satisfaction
  • Solution Focus

    Focus on building solutions and tools which can be used to accelerate project timelines and maximize value for our clients


  • Bench Oriented Staffing

    Allocate consultants based on bench availability regardless of skills and fit
  • Sales Focus

    Business Development oriented. Focus on sales, fancy ppts and maximizing Partners profits
  • Partnership Model

    Only Partners participate in profit sharing from client engagements. Partner track based on FTE seniority only.
  • Hierarchical Org Structure

    Org structure hierarchical based on tenure, not skills and capabilities. Working remote options limited.
  • Partner Oriented

    Full-time and contractual employees just a number. Org Structure is hiearchical where seniority is given preferential treatment.
  • Bodyshop Oriented

    Focus on putting high margin bodies on projects and maximize billable hours for every engagement

Our clients

We work with some of the leading investment managers

Our Work

Canadian Pension Fund

Large digital transformation project for Canadian Pension Fund. FINARCH team had Lead roles in several workstreams and provided executive advisory and strategy to ensure a successful go-live

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Global Insurance Company

Large multi-year 100m+ digital transformation project to implement SimCorp Dimension, Bloomberg AIM, and new Enterprise data lake/reporting hub​.

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Singapore Asset Manager

Singapore asset manager with multi year front-to-back SimCorp Dimension implementation. FINARCH provided subject matter expertise and workstream leadership across several domains.

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Latest Insights

Evaluating the Total Cost of Ownership of Cloud-based Solutions

Within the capital markets and specifically buy-side firms, there are only a handful of systems used across the industry globally. Within these vendors, most claim to offer Cloud-based technology and solutions, but how true is it?

In this article, we will discuss the differences between Cloud-enabled and Cloud-native solutions and how Cloud-washed solutions will impact your implementation timelines, on-going (BAU) costs, and support model.

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Guiding Principles for Digital Transformation of Investment Systems

Digital transformation within the capital markets is typically a multi-year journey that requires tenacity, commitment, and agility from all stakeholders. At their core, most investment management transformation projects include the implementation of one or more applications that will replace the legacy systems and processes, which may have been used within the organization for years.

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