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At FINARCH, our team has helped successfully implemented many of the leading investment management systems for clients globally.  We have covered the entire front-to-back lifecycle and are familiar with the modules and implementation tools typically used.  

A common misconception about most large implementation projects is the configuration of the Target system usually has a lot of resources allocated to it.  From our experiences, often one of the biggest challenges we see  are within the integration components of upstream and downstream systems which are connecting to the Target system.  As part of any implementation, this is sometimes a grey area as it is outside the scope of the vendor responsibilities, but typically the client is not familiar enough with Target system to cover these domains effectively.  As a result, it is common for projects to be completely green until the project phase hits SIT or UAT testing.  After starting SIT or UAT to begin testing the interfaces/functionality for the first time, a large amount of gaps that were previously not caught as part of Unit or Functional testing are discovered.  Unfortunately as this usually comes late in the project timelines, this leads to delays in implementation, increased costs (due to change requests and re-design), and more workaround solutions/day2 items 

At FINARCH, we have experience with most of the commonly used systems in the capital markets, and are system integration experts.  We understand the target (system) capabilities, and the connected systems data requirements which feed into it.  From this experience, we can efficiently create requirements, data mapping specifications, provide valuable opinion and insight on design/build, create test strategy and plans, and perform reconciliation and validation activities with minimal oversight. 

At FINARCH, Our team is composed of industry professionals with a deep understanding of the platform, and a proven track record of delivering successful implementations and migrations for leading asset managers globally.  Our service offerings are comprehensive, including: 

  • Project Management  
  • Accounting / Investment Book of Record Specialists
  • Data Architecture  
  • Solution Architecture 
  • Business Analysis  
  • Data Analysis 
  • Development  
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Operational Support 

Business Analysis

At FINARCH, our Business Analysts have a combined capital markets functional skillset which is complimented by technical expertise.  This combination easily allows us to work with our clients IT ecosystem to analyze and create specifications or other project artifacts.  Some examples of what our Business Analysts typically deliver as part of our client engagements include: 

  • Business Advisory: Our consultants work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and goals, and provide guidance on how to align their digital transformation initiatives with their overall business strategy. 
  • Business Consultancy: Our team conducts a thorough analysis of clients’ current processes and procedures to identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations for optimizing efficiency and performance. 
  • Requirement Analysis: Our consultants provide support in identifying, analyzing, and defining the project’s requirements, helping clients understand the full capabilities of new technologies and how they align with their business needs. 
  • Road Map Planning: Our team works with clients to create a detailed plan outlining project objectives, milestones, timelines, and resources, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation. 
  • Implementation Design: Our experts design and implement tailored solutions, taking into account clients’ specific requirements and the current state of their organization. 
  • 360 evaluation of the current state: We evaluate the current state of the system, technology and processes in place, to identify any potential risks and provide recommendations for improvement, design and implementation plan


Solution Delivery 

In addition to Business Analysis, FINARCH consultants can act as Solution Architects.  Our Solution Architects have a wealth of experience  of the industry, which allows us to understand the specific needs of our clients and provide solutions tailored to their unique requirements.  This typically includes:

  • Proof of Concepts: We work with clients to test the feasibility of new technologies and solutions, providing a proof of concept to ensure they meet the client’s needs and requirements before full implementation. 
  • Solution Implementation: Once the proof of concept is successful, our team will work closely with clients to implement the solution, ensuring a smooth and successful rollout. 
  • System Integration: Our consultants have experience integrating new solutions with existing systems and technologies, ensuring a seamless transition for clients. 
  • Data Migration: We provide support for the migration of data to new systems, ensuring that it is done securely and with minimal disruption to operations. 
  • Test and Deployment: Our team will test the new solution to ensure it meets the client’s requirements, and provide support for deployment, including training and documentation. 

We at FINARCH understand the challenges often faced when implementing large digital transformation initiatives,  We can help guide you on your journey, and correct your navigation when the project starts to go off-path.  

Guiding Principles for Digital Transformation of Investment Systems

Digital transformation within the capital markets is typically a multi-year journey that requires tenacity, commitment, and agility from all stakeholders. At their core, most investment management transformation projects include the implementation of one or more applications that will replace the legacy systems and processes, which may have been used within the organization for years.

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The benefits of using an independent consultancy

Let’s face it – consultant companies are not cheap.  Compared to BAU and contractual resources, hiring a consulting firm usually comes at a premium.  Staffing your digital transformation project with the right resources is usually one of the most critical elements when determining the success of a project.   

Here are the top reasons why working with an independent, vendor agnostic consultancy will make your project better and save your organization time and money.

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