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At FINARCH, we specialize in providing strategic solutions for organizations undergoing digital transformations in the capital markets. One key component of our service offering is our Target Operating Model (TOM) blueprint, which is specifically designed to provide an organizational structure that seamlessly integrates with the target Investment Management Software system. 

Our TOM blueprint offers a holistic approach to redesigning your operational model and optimizing business processes. At FINARCH, the value of our TOM blueprint is derived from our ability to understand the strengths, weaknesses and capabilities of the Target system, while taking a holistic view of your entire ecosystem.  We will work collaboratively with your organization to identifying the best fit architecture for you.

The TOM blueprint is the vision or corporate strategy an organization desires to be at.  It encompasses all aspects of your organization including the business strategy and vision, organization & working structure, the people, processes and technology that make up your daily activities and finally the data and governance that provide value inputs into your processes and systems.  

At FINARCH, we can cater the TOM blueprint to your organization’s unique needs, however typically our focus is on the Technology, Data and Business Processes that power your organizations daily activities.  Our TOM blueprint typically provides a company-specific overview of key business capabilities, internal and external factors, strategic and operational levers, organizational and functional structure, and technology and information resources. We are committed to providing transparent and effective communication throughout the process, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed of progress and outcomes.

Our team has extensive experience in defining and deploying TOMs, and we have a proven track record of helping organizations achieve their strategic goals. Whether you need to adapt an existing model or build one from scratch, FINARCH can guide you through the process, ensuring that all critical components of your business are aligned with your desired strategy. 

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