Canadian Pension Fund

– Large, multi-year digital transformation project to implement SimCorp Dimension, Snowflake, and new downstream reporting platform

– Client engaged FINARCH team after 1+ year of on-going digital transformation project initially provide project support and executive advisory. FINARCH team grew from a small team to trusted implementation partner with ownership of several critical workstreams

– FINARCH team acted as workstream Leads for Data Migration, Accounting (ABOR), Investments (IBOR), Performance (PBOR), and Reporting solutions

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– Client successfully went live with Phase 1 of project, with Phase 2 currently on-going

– FINARCH team provided client executives with objective measures of test progression, roadmap planning and expedited delivery results

– FINARCH team provided ownership of several project workstreams, built customized tools for client, and successfully delivered on all project milestones

Technology Stack

– SimCorp Dimension

– Snowflake

– PowerBI

– Barra One

– Bloomberg

Engagement Objectives

– FINARCH team engaged to facilitate a successful migration from Legacy system to new Target operating model

– FINARCH team provided oversight of project Quality Assurance efforts through the creation of a High Level Test plan for Executives, a Detailed Test Plan View for each individual work stream, and clear Reporting/Metrics to track progression

– FINARCH team provided client executives with guidance on Digital transformation approach, capacity planning and defining project success criteria based on industry best practices and experience

Solution Highlights

– Built customized tools for client including Data Migration ETL processes/staging layer, and Reconciliation tools for IBOR, ABOR, PBOR and Data Migration

– Configured reporting solution out of SimCorp Datawarehouse through Snowflake to downstream reporting layer

– Significantly improved operational efficiencies through automating redundant processes and procedures in Target operating model

– Retrofitted all front-to-back office reporting solutions in new Snowflake and PowerBI Reporting platform

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